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Image result for renewable energy     In Vietnam's booming sector coal reigns, but renewables play catch-up  
  Vietnam has become a hot spot for energy investors eying a spend of up to $150 billion over the coming decade to meet surging power demand, with coal set to dominate despite signs of a government effort to go green.

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     06 Mar 2018

Indian firms strengthen renewable energy investment in Vietnam
The two-day state-level visit of President Tran Dai Quang and his wife to India on March 3-4 will bring a new Indian investment wave, this time focusing on renewable energy, infrastructure, education, and information technology.

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     06 Mar 2018
TTC Group to add more solar projects this year

JGC stated: “There are many plans to construct mega-solar power plants in Southeast Asia. With the foothold gained through this contract, JGC intends to increase involvement in renewable energy with proactive initiatives to receive orders for such projects in collaboration with overseas entities.”

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    28 Feb 2018
EU and MoIT launch sustainable energy programme
The European Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Trade launched EU-Vietnam Energy Facility on February 27. This is a technical assistance facility in support of the implementation of the European Union’s (EU) Energy Sector Policy Support Programme worth of €108 million ($133.1 million).  

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    27 February 2018
Sharp to build giant solar plant in Vietnam as country pledges to adopt clean energy
The plant is expected to start operations in September 2018, generating enough power for 32,628 average households in Vietnam, or around 0.1 percent of its population, said ICON, a news website run by the state-owned Electricity of Vietnam.

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     22 Feb 2018
Work begins on 800 billion VND solar power project in Ninh Thuan

...The project, covering 35 hectares, has a designed capacity of 30MWp with total investment of 800 billion VND (US$35.4 million). More than 90,000 solar panels will be installed at the plant together with other advanced technologies...

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    22 Feb 2018
Ecoprogetti awarded 250 MW PV production line in Vietnam
Italian solar equipment manufacturer, Ecoprogetti has finalized an order for a 250 MW PV production line in Vietnam. The glass-backsheet line will be installed by June 2018, according to to the company..... 

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    14 Feb 2018
Sunseap and InfraCo Asia partner on 168MW solar project in Vietnam
Singapore-based renewables firm Sunseap International has signed an agreement with InfraCo Asia Development to jointly develop a 168MW solar project in Vietnam, with negotiations for a PPA ongoing.... 

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    10 Feb 2018
Thailand's biggest solar firm plans $1.76 bln in Vietnam wind projects

Thailand’s largest solar energy company, Superblock Pcl, plans to invest 56 billion baht ($1.76 billion) to install 700 megawatts (MW) of wind farms in Vietnam, the company’s Chairman Jormsup Lochaya told Reuters on Friday...

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    7 Feb 2018
Năng lượng mặt trời: Cờ đã đến tay

...Ông Timothy Liston, Phó Tổng lãnh sự Mỹ, đặt nhiều niềm tin vào sự phát triển năng lượng tái tạo ở Việt Nam trong thời gian tới,. Trao đổi với NCĐT, ông khẳng định hỗ trợ Việt Nam qua việc đưa các doanh nghiệp công nghệ cao như First Solar, General Electric (GE) vào Việt Nam. Đây là cơ hội tốt để Việt Nam nhận chuyển giao công nghệ và được đào tạo nguồn nhân lực kỹ thuật cao... 

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    6 Feb 2018
Solar power construction takes off in Vietnam after nuclear plans scrapped

...Vietnam is aiming to produce 10.7 percent of its total electricity through renewable energy by 2030, mainly through solar and wind energy, up from the 6 percent as previously planned. 

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     29 Jan 2018
Scatec Solar planning large-scale projects in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Myanmar
... the firm is negotiating its first 50MW project in Vietnam, is awaiting approval of a 50MW project in Bangladesh and has submitted proposals for a 70MW project in Myanmar....

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     25 Jan 2018
Restarting the First Solar project for producing solar panels
...As assessment of many specialists, First Solar is a worldwide leading company in PV solar panels of membrane technology. This is a major weapon of the First Solar to deal with Chinese competitors based on polycrystalline silicon technology...

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    23 Jan 2018
Conergy takes shine to Vietnam
...South-east Asian developer Conergy has secured an engineering, procurement and construction contract for a 30MW solar farm in Vietnam.
The project, which will be located on 400,000 square metres of land in Ninh Thuan province, will be built by Conergy on behalf of Vietnam’s BIM Group and AC Energy from the Philippines...

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    15 Jan 2018
Bac Lieu has high hopes for renewable energy

…Soon after the Prime Minister agreed to Bac Lieu province’s proposal to cancel the Cai Cung thermopower project, investors visited the area to seek opportunities to develop renewable power projects. Duong Thanh Trung, chair of Bac Lieu‘s People’s Committee, in late 2017 confirmed that the PM had agreed to remove Cai Cung project from the electricity development program. This will pave the way for the province to step up the development of renewable energy…

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    19 December 2017
Vietnam's TTC to launch three solar projects in first half 2018

...Vietnamese conglomerate TTC Corp expects to start construction work on the country’s first three solar power projects in the first half of 2018, its chairman said on Tuesday. Vietnam has been mostly reliant on coal-fired and hydro power plants to meet demand for electrical energy, which is growing at around 11 percent a year, but wants to boost its renewable energy output... 

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